Rambo III (1988)

God would have mercy John Rambo won't!
Action / Adventure / Thriller / War • 102 minutes  5.7/10
Starring: Sylvester Stallone Richard Crenna Kurtwood Smith Spiros Focás Sasson Gabai Doudi Shoua Randy Raney Marcus Gilbert and others.
Director: Peter MacDonald Screenplay: Sheldon Lettich Sylvester Stallone Director of Photography: John Stanier Producer: Buzz Feitshans Editor: Andrew London Edward Warschilka James R. Symons O. Nicholas Brown Original Music Composer: Jerry Goldsmith
Released • May 24, 1988

Colonel Trautman is captured by Soviets during a mission in Afghanistan so Rambo sets out to rescue him while taking on the invading Russian forces.

A.K.A. AU: Rambo Part III - UC  BG: Рамбо 3  CA: Rambo: First Blood Part III  DE: Rambo 3  ES: Rambo 3  FR: Rambo 3  In: Rambo 3  MX: Rambo 3  RU: Рэмбо 3  SV: Rambo 3  US: Rambo: First Blood Part III